Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2008


Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like over a foot of snow in 24 hours, right?

I got home from work today and had received a package from my mom. I thought I knew what was in the box. See when I was back in my hometown visiting all the family for Christmas, I had brought a shirt home with me that was in need of repair. I was basically brand new, but the front half of one of the snapping buttons on the shirt had somehow popped off. Not having a BeDazzler handy, I thought that if I brought it home, my mom would know what to do. Apparently my mom used to at least have a tools to attach another button head. She used the tool ages ago in the making of one piece baby clothes for me and my sibling with a snap in the crouch.

Anyway, my mom couldn’t find that tool when in my hometown at Christmas, so I left the shirt there. On the phone more recently, she had told me that my shirt was all fixed and she’d be sending it to me. Little did I know that in the same package I would find three homemade packages each containing a different kind of momma-made cookie! You’ll see them in the picture above.

Here’s the best part, and this just shows how cool my mom is… The envelopes that the cookies were in were actually CD/DVD envelope sleeves with construction paper designs attached to the front. Ingenious! Each of the three envelopes was totally unique. One took advantage of the cellophane see-through front but, via the construction paper, the see-through part was now in the shape of a heart. Another had shiny little hearts on it, some fringe, and a tiny, working envelope on the front with a letter in side saying “Happy Valentine’s Day, Love Mom.” The last was more simple, and as you can see, it just had a wide heart and a little ornamentation on each corner. The backs were not decorated, just sealed via the “lick to make sticky” adhesive.

Ya know, my mom had said something about making Valentine’s Day package for people around town, and I didn’t realize how much she got into it. Now I know. Oh yeah, and the shirt made for perfect packing material too because it is sort of a candy cane colored plaid/Madras shirt.

Anyway, there’s a little story for you all on this cold, snowy night. Hopefully those of you with a loved one are at home now keeping warm with them next to you. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone out there.


One Response to “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. creamtiffa said

    d ba nga? Too much love will kill you… bawal mag selos!

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